Are You Planning a Private Tour in Israel this Summer?

If you are planning to go on a private tour in Israel this summer vacation just remember you are not the only one. Many private touring companies in Israel loose availability since most parks have rules and regulations and a limited amount of permits for private tours.

Many tourist forget that and they try to call up different touring companies a day or two before their desires adventure, they don’t realize that booking a private tour in Israel should be done months in advance. In my 10 years working in the Private touring Industry here in Israel I can’t express to you how often this happens.

A lot of effort is put into each private tour, the coordination with a private tour guide, Tour Guide in Israel With a Private Car and transportation of equipment, permits, and many other details. Some people prefer to just tour Israel on their own and there are definitely many touring option all over the country for those that want to be adventurous on their own. However, the knowledge a private tour guide can add to you experience is indescribable, and if you booked a private tour with a good company you will also know your tour guide will actually be good company!

Most private touring companies in Israel make sure their tour guides are bilingual, friendly, and great with kids. It’s very rare to have a tour guide that isn’t helpful or doesn’t enhance your tour experience. Most tourist are happy with private touring instead of touring on their own and feel their money was well spent. Considering my experiences with private touring in Israel, I felt it was important to let others know how valuable a private tour in Israel can be, as well as how important it is to book your tours a few months in advance.


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